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Success and Achievement Showcase

Prepared and Presented by Ira B. Marshall, RIA

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 Workshop Package

Workshop Package

  • Loose Leaf Binder
    (includes actual Material from the Showcase)
  • Goal Setting Worksheets
  • 7 Steps in Setting Your Goals

$227.95 USD

 Effortless Energy Portfolio

 Effortless Energy® Portfolio

  • Embossed Portfolio
  • Includes Pad and Pen

$57.39 USD

Workshop Notepads

Workshop Notepads (set of 5)

$39.72 USD

Goal Organizer 50 Sheets

Goal Organizer (50 sheets)

$34.64 USD

7 Steps in Setting Your Goals 10 Sets

7 Steps in Setting Your Goals  (10 sets)

$46.51 USD

Executive Presentation

Executive Presentation & Showcasing The
Ten Concepts for an Improved Life
(set of 2)

$57.38 USD


The Works

  • One of everything!
    ($463.59 Value)

$387.59 USD

(save $76.00)

Additional Powerful Publications

Prepared and Presented by Ira B. Marshall, RIA

PLEASE NOTE: All TOTALS Include Tax and S&H in the U.S. ONLY.  Please contact us if you are outside of the U.S.

How to Become a Financial Success

How to Become and Remain a Financial Success

  • A persuasive and intelligent presentation of the
    goal mapping process and its impact on the
    foundation of establishing lasting financial success
    and achievement.

$117.39 USD

 Effortless Energy Publication

Embracing Effortless Energy® In the Goal Mapping Process

  • An introduction to a business and life planning
    process that incorporates goal setting with the
    Effortless Energy® model providing a new architecture
    for thinking, planning, and achieving.

$57.39 USD

 Durable Power of Attorney

Value and Use of the Durable Power of Attorney

  • A thorough discussion of the importance
    of this estate & financial planning legal

$37.95 USD

Disclosure Publication

Disclosure and Due Diligence in Life Insurance Planning

  • A professionally orientated publication
    dedicated to providing insight into the
    expanding area of life insurance planning
    and the often overlooked complexities
    facing clients and advisors alike.

$37.95 USD

Insurance Plan PUB

Insurance Planning for the 90’s Commission vs. Fees

  • Although dated this information is an
    Insightful and detailed presentation
    of the importance of the expanded
    accountant and legal counsel’s role
    in achieving and establishing employee
    compensation, estate and financial plans.

$37.95 USD

Understanding Doctrine PUB

Understanding the Doctrine of Reasonable Compensation

  • An introduction and succinct and
    comprehensive understanding of
    the doctrine of reasonable
    compensation and its use and
    application in a 162(IRC) Executive
    bonus Plan.

$25.95 USD

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Tampa, FL

“You were great and this is not just my opinion. So many of our FIA members have asked for a session on seminar selling – did you notice that not one single person left your session. Ira, you were entertaining and informative – just what we needed!”

- Judith R. Maurer, MS
Vice President - Operations
Fee for Service, Inc.

Agana, Guam

“…Ira Marshall is dynamic, energetic, and good natured, and his knowledge of business and personal financial planning is wide range and impressive. I was so taken with his ideas and abilities that our law firm hired him to design and implement an executive bonus plan and to recommend other financial planning solutions for the firm and its members.”

- Frederick J. Kerley, Esq.
The Law Offices of Moore, Ching et al.

Montrose, CA

“I have never met a financial planner with the knowledge, interest, and who obviously cares about his clients as you do. I would trust you fully with my financial needs, and I would recommend your seminars to everyone.”

Bob Lobach, Former President
Municipal Motorcycle Officers of California

San Jose, CA

“…Without question, the most comprehensive, well organized, and immediately useful seminar I have ever attended. I was impressed not only by the depth and breadth of your knowledge in these subject areas, but by the wit and humor with which you presented the materials."

- Randall S. Gross, Esq.

Morgan Hill, CA

“It was a pleasure to attend your course on Effortless Energy. I found it to be very informative and thought provoking.”

- J. Crandall Foster, Esq.
Rusconi, Foster & Thomas

Santa Cruz, CA

"I highly recommend your very inspiring Success and Achievement Showcase to anyone, regardless of where they are in their life."

- Tom Dexcel, Realtor
Alain Pinel Realtors