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Financial and Estate Planning

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

    A coordinated and thorough process of gathering facts, goals, and objectives relating to all the areas of one’s financial affairs including the design and implementation.

  • Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation

    The strategy for assisting clients in the Accumulation, Conservation, and Transfer of assets over one’s life time.

  • Retirement Planning

    A systematic financial approach in developing a vision for your life style and living requirements which includes financial needs, goals and objectives.

  • Debt Reduction

    Our firm introduces clients to a systematic approach to reducing and/or eliminating debt through the use of existing cash flow

  • Cash Management

    My firm will provide a process that optimizes your cash flow; build a liquidity fund, to effectively position your available cash and grow your net worth.

  • Fixed & Equity Indexed Annuities

    An introduction to the positive value and impact of fixed and equity indexed annuities in your overall portfolio and as part of your comprehensive financial plan.

quote I offer a “think, plan, and achieve approach to financial, business, investment, and insurance planning.quoteend

Sacramento, CA

“If you have had your fill of motivational seminars and want to get ahead of the rest of the pack, attend a meeting with Ira. It will make you rethink the way you are going about your business.”

- Henry D. Kreuter, Financial Advisor

Morgan Hill, CA

“Ira is dynamic, energetic, and highly intelligent individual, and his knowledge of business and financial planning is wide ranging and impressive.”

- Richard and Julie Firato, Firato Service Co.