A Unique & Creative Approachto Financial & Estate Planning

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Business Consulting

  • Strategic Business Plans

    Receive a comprehensive, professionally written document that includes all the essential ingredients necessary to implement a viable and interactive strategic business plan.

  • Developing Bank Relationships

    We provide introductions to financial institutions that offer financial support and funding for a variety of business needs.

  • Personal & Business Loan Packaging

    We partner with clients in the drafting of the necessary documents to ensure that they have an excellent chance to receive the funding for their specific business goals and objectives.

quote I offer a “think, plan, and achieve approach to financial, business, investment, and insurance planning.quoteend

Sacramento, CA

“If you have had your fill of motivational seminars and want to get ahead of the rest of the pack, attend a meeting with Ira. It will make you rethink the way you are going about your business.”

- Henry D. Kreuter, Financial Advisor

Morgan Hill, CA

“Ira is dynamic, energetic, and highly intelligent individual, and his knowledge of business and financial planning is wide ranging and impressive.”

- Richard and Julie Firato, Firato Service Co.